Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores


Top Rated Boat Covers & Bimini Tops Service in Miami Shores, FL

Welcome to Miami Shores, where the beach, sun, and sea all work together. In this charming coastal community, if you’re fortunate enough to own a boat, you understand the value of safeguarding your investment. We at Canvas and Upholstery USA recognize that your boat is a representation of your love for the open sea, not merely a means of transportation. To keep your boat looking its best and shielded from the weather, we provide premium boat covers and bimini tops.

Our skilled team of experts is committed to offering outstanding workmanship and service. We have the know-how to provide you with a fashionable bimini top or a personalized boat cover. To assist you in selecting the ideal product for your unique requirements, we also provide professional advice and direction. Don’t allow erratic weather or the intense Florida heat spoil your boating trip. You can rely on Boat Covers & Bimini Tops Service to provide your boat with the defense it needs. Make an appointment for a consultation with us right now to find out how we can improve your Miami Shores boating experience.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

Windows & Enclosures

Adding an enclosure to your boat canvas can greatly extend your comfort and safety afloat. Every square inch onboard is very valuable, and our well-designed detailed enclosure will extend your living space, weather protection, and security at anchor or underway.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

Canvas Tops

You need protection from the sun. That’s why we create custom canvas  tops and boat enclosures to offer you the UV protection you need. Keeping you cool, comfortable and on the water longer. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate. We are here to answer any questions.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

Bimini Tops

We specialize in getting you the right boat bimini top for your needs. We do this by offering a wide variety of covers made from the most durable marine grade materials including Marinex and Sunbrella.  Need help selecting your bimini? Our experts are happy to help!

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Miami Beach


  • Bridge Decks
  • Windshields
  • Cockpits
  • Center Consoles
  • Instr/Equip
  • “U” Zips
  • “T” Top Enclosures
  • Bimini Enclosures
  • Interiors
  • Frowns
  • Full Hard Tops
Based on 18 reviews
Gonzalo Javier Paul
Gonzalo Javier Paul
Excellent job and service!!! Recommended
reuben E
reuben E
I’ve been using Rick for the last four years. He did two boats for me and friends also. I just had one canvas that I had a small rip. He came over and said I’ll fix it. He came back and made me a new one. After seven months, no charge. I highly recommend using him
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
I recently used Canvas and Upholstery for my Boat Cover. When searching for this Cover I spoke to many companies and none treated me like Rick did. I was looking for quality, within my budget and service. I called and Rick the owner answer and after several photos and telling him what I wanted he immediately gave an estimate. We set a date he came out measured the boat I gave him a deposit and he told me that the cover was going to take 15-20 days and it was done on time. I am truly happy and satisfied with the workmanship of the cover. I highly recommend Canvas and Upholstery for next Boat Upholstery project.
Kent Napp
Kent Napp
Highly Recommend! The best around! I had a custom cover made for my 30ft Center Console, it fits great and looks amazing, and the quality and craftsmanship is there! Really great to work with; fast, easy, and reliable! Thanks again!
Alfredo J. Rossano
Alfredo J. Rossano
Rick Matos is great to work with. Very detailed oriented. Highly recommended!
Krista Nugent
Krista Nugent
Rick did a great job on our canvas for our 32 ft Cruisers Yacht. We were pressed for time as our boat was being shipped up to Canada. He completed the job on time and on budget which was very important to us. When Rick completed our project he sent us lots of pictures so we could see it was done properly. We had a complete dodger with markolon windshield, camper enclosure with strataglass including all the stainless hoops made. It looks beautiful and I love the color. He then stowed everything safely inside the boat for transport. Rick was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. His pricing was fair as well. Thank you Rick for all your efforts. Krista
Orlando Rojas
Orlando Rojas
Rick does awesome work. I couldn’t be happier with this boat cover. My old cover was made by someone else and it was time to replace it due to its age. Rick was very responsive to my initial call and eagerly met with me to discuss what he could offer. His covers are made with durable materials and impeccable craftsmanship. My cover was Sunbrella. The bottom hem area for the attachment points are double reinforced and the loop straps are very well stitched with backing material. The area of the zipper is also double reinforced and he incorporates a Velcro flap that completely covers the zipper to further protect it from the sun. The Velcro flap also serves to take some of the pressure off of the zipper. Rick also attaches the cover high on the T-Top so water easily runs off and has no chance to pool. Lastly, the cover goes all the way down to the bottom of the hull sides so the entire sides of the boat are protected. These are all of Rick’s standard offerings. I did not make any special requests. Price is always on everyone’s mind and I can guarantee that no one will beat Rick’s prices - period. You will be amazed and the quality of the cover Rick will make you for the price. Rick, thank you for the amazing work! I will be coming to you for all of my canvas and upholstery work. If anyone wants to see your work, feel free to bring them by. I’m sure once they see the quality and craftsmanship, they’ll know they’re in good hands.
Elio Figueredo
Elio Figueredo
Guys this is the real deal great price excellent people and the material is super strong,looks awesome on the boat 100% recommended. 👍💪
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin
I cannot recommend Canvas and Upholstery USA highly enough. Rick built me a full cover for my restored 20' SeaCraft. They cover is absolutely incredible and it was delivered on time for a great price. I look forward to working with Rick and his team again.

Finding a Reliable Boat Cover and Bimini Top Service in Miami Shores

It’s essential to choose a trustworthy and reputed supplier for your boat cover and bimini top service in Miami Shores. The following advice will help you choose the best service:

Research and reviews: Seek advice and comments from other Miami Shores boat owners on the internet. This can help you understand the range of services offered by various businesses.

Experience and knowledge: Select a provider with years of sector experience and a proven track record of producing excellent outcomes. Take into account their proficiency with various boat kinds and cover/top designs.

Customization options: Make sure the provider gives you the ability to customize boat coverings and bimini tops in case you have any particular needs or preferences. You will be able to customize the items to meet your specific demands as a result.

Check whether the service provider has insurance and provides guarantees for their goods and workmanship. This will shield you from any unanticipated problems or losses.

Select a provider that prioritizes client happiness and offers top-notch customer support. They need to be receptive, mindful of your requirements, and easily accessible to answer any questions or problems you may have.

You may choose Canvas and Upholstery USA in Miami Shores that satisfies your needs by doing extensive research and taking these aspects into account.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

Client Testimonials

Rick literally transformed our yacht from a drab and tired look to a vibrant, classy and beautiful oasis on the water.  He has an incredible eye and really listens to his client’s needs and desires and delivers on them – above and beyond. Everyone who comes aboard our yacht asks us where we went for our interior work and we enthusiastically tell them about Canvas & Upholstery USA!

The Importance of Boat Covers and Bimini Tops

Purchasing a top-notch boat cover and bimini top is crucial for safeguarding your vessel. These weatherproof add-ons insulate your boat from the elements while also preserving its lifetime and aesthetic appeal. Bimini tops and boat coverings serve as a shield from the sun, rain, dirt, and other elements that might erode an object.

Your boat is fully covered with a boat cover, which protects it from UV radiation, bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris. It aids in keeping the boat’s exterior from fading, cracking, and discoloring. A boat cover also keeps your boat safe while not in use by acting as a barrier to theft and damage.

Conversely, a bimini top is a multipurpose addition to your boat that offers protection and shade. The canopy is made of canvas and is normally attached to the bow or stern of the boat, supported by a metal frame. By providing shade from the sun’s damaging rays, a bimini top lets you spend time on the lake without having to worry about being sunburned or overheated.

Different types of boat covers and bimini tops

To accommodate various boat types and tastes, boat coverings and bimini tops are available in a range of designs and materials. You may choose between mooring covers, storage covers, and travel covers when selecting a boat cover.

Covers for mooring: These are meant to be used while your yacht is moored or docked. They guarantee that your boat stays immaculate even while it’s not in use by shielding it from the elements, wind, and rain.

Storage covers: A storage cover is the best option if you want to keep your boat stored for a long time. It provides complete coverage as well as defense from accumulated dust, grime, and other factors during storage.

Travel covers: To shield your boat from wind, rain, and road debris while in transit, you must use a travel cover. These coverings are made specifically to resist fast speeds and keep your boat safe while it’s being transported.

You have a variety of options when it comes to bimini tops in terms of sizes, colors, and materials. Typically constructed from stainless steel or aluminum, the bimini top’s structure offers strength and resistance to corrosion. The canvas canopy may be made to fit the style of your boat and provide the appropriate amount of shelter and shade.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Boat Covers and Bimini Tops

It is important to carefully evaluate a number of criteria while choosing the best boat cover and bimini top for your unique requirements. When making your decision, have the following important considerations in mind:

Boat size and type: The dimensions and design of the boat cover and bimini top you need will depend on the size and type of your vessel. To guarantee a good fit, precisely measure the length, breadth, and height of your boat.

Material quality: UV, water, and mildew-resistant materials should be used to make boat coverings and bimini tops. For long-lasting protection, look for toppers and coverings made of marine-grade materials like polyester or acrylic.

Installation and storage: Take into account how simple it is to put on and take off the bimini top or boat cover. For hassle-free installation, some designs use quick-release mechanisms or adjustable straps. When the coverings or toppers are not in use, consider the storage needs as well.

Style and aesthetics: Bimini tops and boat coverings are available in a variety of hues and designs. Select a design that expresses your style and blends well with the exterior of your yacht.

You may choose the ideal boat cover and bimini top that fulfills your unique requirements and improves your boating experience by keeping these things in mind.

Benefits of Professional Boat Cover and Bimini Top Services

Although the allure of doing your own boat cover or bimini top installation or maintenance may be strong, there are many benefits to hiring experts. The following are some advantages of using expert boat cover and bimini top services:

Expertise and expertise: Working with a variety of boat types and cover/top designs, professionals possess specific knowledge and experience. They may provide insightful counsel and direction, ensuring that you choose the best goods for your boat.

Superior workmanship: Expert services ensure superior workmanship when installing, mending, or personalizing boat coverings and bimini tops. They can guarantee an accurate and long-lasting fit since they have access to the best supplies and equipment.

Convenience and time savings: Hiring experts will help you save time and effort. They can do the task quickly and effectively since they have the tools and knowledge needed, freeing you up to concentrate on other parts of your boating adventure.

Warranty and customer service: Expert services often include labor and material warranties. If you have any questions or problems, you can count on their customer service to respond to them right away.

By selecting expert boat cover and bimini top services, you can rest easy knowing that your money is well managed.

How to Properly Maintain Boat Covers and Bimini Tops

Regular maintenance is necessary to guarantee the durability and performance of your boat coverings and bimini tops. The following advice will help you take good care of your boat coverings and bimini tops:

Clean frequently: Give your boat cover and bimini top a gentle brushing or rinse to get rid of dust, debris, and filth. When dealing with tough stains or mildew, use a mild soap solution. Steer clear of abrasive items or strong cleansers that might harm the fabric or frame.

Allow your boat cover and bimini top to air dry fully after washing them before folding or storing them. Moisture may encourage the formation of mold or mildew, which can damage the materials’ integrity.

Prevent fading and damage from the sun’s rays by using a UV protectant spray on the fabric of your boat cover and bimini top. By doing this, you may help them live longer and maintain their attractiveness.

Store your boat cover and bimini top correctly. Keep them out of direct sunlight and in a clean, dry place when not in use. Use a cover or storage bag if at all feasible to shield them from dust and other potential dangers.

You may extend the life and functionality of your boat coverings and bimini tops by adhering to these maintenance guidelines.

Common Issues with Boat Covers and Bimini Tops

Even while bimini tops and boat coverings are made to last, they might eventually develop certain problems. Here are some typical issues that boat owners might face:

Wear and tear on fabric: Constant exposure to the weather may result in fraying, rips in the fabric, or general wear and tear. This may lessen the cover’s or top’s ability to effectively protect.

Frame damage: Bimini tops’ metal frames are susceptible to bending or rusting, which compromises their stability and use. Frequent maintenance and inspections may assist in identifying and resolving frame problems early on.

The development of mold and mildew may occur on boat covers and bimini tops if they are not cleaned and maintained correctly. Unpleasant smells, discoloration, and even health hazards may arise from this.

Fading and discoloration: Boat coverings and bimini tops may experience fading or discoloration over time due to UV radiation exposure. This may have an impact on your boat’s overall design and looks.

Your boat coverings and bimini tops will last longer if you take care of these problems right away and get expert help when needed.

The Process of Getting Boat Covers and Bimini Tops Installed or Repaired

The following phases are usually included in the procedure, regardless of whether you’re installing new boat covers and bimini tops or need repairs done on your current ones:

Consultation: To go over your needs and preferences, schedule a consultation with the boat cover and bimini top service. This enables the repair provider to inspect your boat and provide professional guidance on appropriate solutions.

Measurement and customization: The service provider will measure your boat at this point to make sure the boat cover or bimini top fits it precisely. Should you choose customization, you may talk about certain features or design components.

Fabrication or repair: The service provider will construct the bimini top or boat cover in accordance with the agreed-upon dimensions and requirements. Should repairs be necessary, they will evaluate and take care of any problems, such as rips or damage to the frame.

Installation or fitting: The service provider will arrange for an installation or fitting appointment as soon as the boat cover or bimini top is prepared. This includes making sure the cover or top fits and functions properly by securing it to your boat.

Final assessment and modifications: The service provider will carry out a final assessment after installation or repair to make sure everything lives up to your expectations. We’ll make any required alterations or improvements to guarantee peak performance.

You can be sure that your boat coverings and bimini tops will fit and be of high quality if you go through this procedure.

Cost Considerations for Boat Cover and Bimini Top Services

The size of your boat, the kind of cover or top, the materials used, and any extra customization choices may all affect the price of boat cover and bimini top services. It’s important to think about the value and advantages that these services provide rather than just the cost.

Although it might be tempting to choose the least expensive choice on the market, bear in mind that long-term performance and durability depend heavily on high-quality workmanship and materials. Long-term cost savings may be achieved by hiring a reliable and skilled service provider, as fewer repairs or replacements may be required.

Make sure that any quotations or estimates you get include all necessary expenses, including installation, supplies, and any extra features or services you may need. This will assist you in making a well-informed choice based on your needs and budget.

Recall that investing in boat covers and bimini tops is crucial for both protecting and enhancing the appearance of your vessel. Select a provider that upholds high standards of quality and client satisfaction at a reasonable cost.

Questions and Answers About Boat Covers and Bimini Tops in Miami Shores

For Miami Shores boat owners, bimini tops and boat coverings are necessary extras. They improve the boat’s overall look and provide weather protection. Many boat owners do, however, have inquiries about the use of these devices. We’ll explore some frequently asked problems and provide solutions about boat coverings and Bimini tops in Miami Shores in this post.

Why do I need a boat cover in Miami Shores?

Boat cover shields your vessel from the inclement Miami Shores weather. The outside and interior of your yacht may sustain damage from the sun, sea, and sporadic storms. Your boat is shielded from UV rays, rain, dust, and other factors that might deteriorate it by a boat cover. Additionally, it aids in halting the development of mold and mildew, which are frequent in humid regions like Miami Shores.

What type of boat cover should I choose for my boat in Miami Shores?

There are several kinds of boat covers available, including mooring covers, trailering covers, and storage covers. The purpose of mooring covers is to be used while the yacht is tied or docked. They provide simple access to the boat and offer shelter from the wind, rain, and sun.

Covers for trailers are made especially to be used in transit. They provide a snug fit while shielding the boat from wind and road debris. When the boat is not in use for a prolonged period of time, storage coverings are employed. They provide the best protection against dust, UV light, and other environmental elements. The kind of protection you choose will depend on your unique requirements and usage habits.

What is a Bimini top, and why do I need one in Miami Shores?

A bimini top is a canvas or fabric roof that offers protection and shade for a boat. Usually, it is held up by a metal frame that is simple to fold away when not in use. A bimini top is an essential piece of clothing in Miami Shores because of the intense sun. It gives you and your visitors the much-needed shade you need while out on the lake. Additionally, it shields you from UV radiation that may lead to skin damage and sunburns.

How do I choose the right Bimini top for my boat in Miami Shores?

Size, material, and color are important considerations when choosing a bimini top. To guarantee a good fit, the Bimini top’s size should match the measurements of your boat. The substance needs to be robust and impervious to UV radiation, seawater, and mildew. Marine-grade vinyl and Sunbrella cloth are popular choices. In terms of color, choose one that both enhances the appearance of your boat and reflects light to keep the space underneath cool.


To sum up, Bimini tops and boat coverings are crucial additions for Miami Shores boat owners. They improve comfort when out on the water and provide protection from the weather. Whether you’re shopping for a Bimini top or a boat cover, think about your requirements and choose products that combine design, utility, and durability. You may enjoy boating in Miami Shores with confidence, knowing that your vessel is well protected if you have the appropriate accessories.

In Miami Shores, owning a boat is a luxury, so safeguarding your investment is crucial. Canvas and Upholstery USA is aware of how important it is to maintain the finest possible appearance, safety, and security for your vessel. We are committed to making your boating experience even better with our premium boat covers and bimini tops, skilled workmanship, and first-rate customer service.

Don’t let your cherished boat suffer damage from the intense Florida heat or erratic weather. Make an appointment for a consultation with Canvas and Upholstery USA, right now to find out how we can give your Miami Shores boat the protection and flair it needs. Put your faith in our skilled staff to produce exceptional outcomes and make sure your boating experiences are unforgettable for all the right reasons.

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