Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne


Top Rated Boat Covers & Bimini Tops Service in Key Biscayne, FL

Welcome to Key Biscayne, a destination for boat enthusiasts from near and far, where boundless ocean views and sun-filled days await. Whether you’re an experienced boater or a novice, it’s critical to keep your boat weatherproof. This is where our Key Biscayne boat cover and bimini top service come in. We at Canvas & Upholstery USA know how important it is to protect your boat from the elements sun, rain, dust, and other elements that might erode it over time. 

Our skilled crew specializes in creating high-quality bimini tops and boat coverings that look great and provide dependable protection. With our wide selection of materials and personalized choices, we guarantee that your boat cover or bimini top will fit snugly and securely like a glove. Whether you want a cover for a luxury yacht, a fishing vessel, or anything in between, our experienced staff can accommodate your unique needs.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

Windows & Enclosures

Adding an enclosure to your boat canvas can greatly extend your comfort and safety afloat. Every square inch onboard is very valuable, and our well-designed detailed enclosure will extend your living space, weather protection, and security at anchor or underway.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

Canvas Tops

You need protection from the sun. That’s why we create custom canvas  tops and boat enclosures to offer you the UV protection you need. Keeping you cool, comfortable and on the water longer. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate. We are here to answer any questions.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

Bimini Tops

We specialize in getting you the right boat bimini top for your needs. We do this by offering a wide variety of covers made from the most durable marine grade materials including Marinex and Sunbrella.  Need help selecting your bimini? Our experts are happy to help!

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  • Bridge Decks
  • Windshields
  • Cockpits
  • Center Consoles
  • Instr/Equip
  • “U” Zips
  • “T” Top Enclosures
  • Bimini Enclosures
  • Interiors
  • Frowns
  • Full Hard Tops
Based on 18 reviews
Gonzalo Javier Paul
Gonzalo Javier Paul
Excellent job and service!!! Recommended
reuben E
reuben E
I’ve been using Rick for the last four years. He did two boats for me and friends also. I just had one canvas that I had a small rip. He came over and said I’ll fix it. He came back and made me a new one. After seven months, no charge. I highly recommend using him
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
I recently used Canvas and Upholstery for my Boat Cover. When searching for this Cover I spoke to many companies and none treated me like Rick did. I was looking for quality, within my budget and service. I called and Rick the owner answer and after several photos and telling him what I wanted he immediately gave an estimate. We set a date he came out measured the boat I gave him a deposit and he told me that the cover was going to take 15-20 days and it was done on time. I am truly happy and satisfied with the workmanship of the cover. I highly recommend Canvas and Upholstery for next Boat Upholstery project.
Kent Napp
Kent Napp
Highly Recommend! The best around! I had a custom cover made for my 30ft Center Console, it fits great and looks amazing, and the quality and craftsmanship is there! Really great to work with; fast, easy, and reliable! Thanks again!
Alfredo J. Rossano
Alfredo J. Rossano
Rick Matos is great to work with. Very detailed oriented. Highly recommended!
Krista Nugent
Krista Nugent
Rick did a great job on our canvas for our 32 ft Cruisers Yacht. We were pressed for time as our boat was being shipped up to Canada. He completed the job on time and on budget which was very important to us. When Rick completed our project he sent us lots of pictures so we could see it was done properly. We had a complete dodger with markolon windshield, camper enclosure with strataglass including all the stainless hoops made. It looks beautiful and I love the color. He then stowed everything safely inside the boat for transport. Rick was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. His pricing was fair as well. Thank you Rick for all your efforts. Krista
Orlando Rojas
Orlando Rojas
Rick does awesome work. I couldn’t be happier with this boat cover. My old cover was made by someone else and it was time to replace it due to its age. Rick was very responsive to my initial call and eagerly met with me to discuss what he could offer. His covers are made with durable materials and impeccable craftsmanship. My cover was Sunbrella. The bottom hem area for the attachment points are double reinforced and the loop straps are very well stitched with backing material. The area of the zipper is also double reinforced and he incorporates a Velcro flap that completely covers the zipper to further protect it from the sun. The Velcro flap also serves to take some of the pressure off of the zipper. Rick also attaches the cover high on the T-Top so water easily runs off and has no chance to pool. Lastly, the cover goes all the way down to the bottom of the hull sides so the entire sides of the boat are protected. These are all of Rick’s standard offerings. I did not make any special requests. Price is always on everyone’s mind and I can guarantee that no one will beat Rick’s prices - period. You will be amazed and the quality of the cover Rick will make you for the price. Rick, thank you for the amazing work! I will be coming to you for all of my canvas and upholstery work. If anyone wants to see your work, feel free to bring them by. I’m sure once they see the quality and craftsmanship, they’ll know they’re in good hands.
Elio Figueredo
Elio Figueredo
Guys this is the real deal great price excellent people and the material is super strong,looks awesome on the boat 100% recommended. 👍💪
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin
I cannot recommend Canvas and Upholstery USA highly enough. Rick built me a full cover for my restored 20' SeaCraft. They cover is absolutely incredible and it was delivered on time for a great price. I look forward to working with Rick and his team again.

Benefits of Professional Boat Cover & Bimini Top Services

Using expert boat cover and bimini top services has various benefits, even if you may be tempted to buy a boat cover or bimini top online or from a nearby establishment. The following are some advantages to selecting a qualified service provider:

Knowledge and Experience: Qualified service providers are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you make the right choices. They are knowledgeable about the particular requirements of various boat types and are able to provide the best solutions based on your demands.

Personalization and Customization: Expert services often include personalization choices, letting you add your own touches to your boat cover or bimini top. This guarantees a precise fit and look that enhances the appearance of your boat.

Quality and Craftsmanship: To produce long-lasting and precisely fitted coverings and tops, reputable service providers utilize premium materials and use trained artisans. This guarantees that your investment will safeguard your boat for a long time and improve its overall look.

Convenience and Peace of Mind: You may save time and effort while looking for the ideal product by selecting a professional service. Service providers take care of every step of the procedure, from measuring to installing, so you can relax knowing that your boat is covered with a sturdy and well-fitting top or cover.

Maintenance and Repair Services: To guarantee the durability of your boat cover or bimini top, professional service providers often perform maintenance and repair services. This may guarantee that your investment stays in top shape by putting it back together, mending the fabric, or replacing any broken parts.

Your boat will be well protected and aesthetically pleasing if you choose professional boat cover and bimini top services. You can also benefit from professional advice, customization possibilities, superior quality, and hassle-free installation.

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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne
Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

Client Testimonials

Rick literally transformed our yacht from a drab and tired look to a vibrant, classy and beautiful oasis on the water.  He has an incredible eye and really listens to his client’s needs and desires and delivers on them – above and beyond. Everyone who comes aboard our yacht asks us where we went for our interior work and we enthusiastically tell them about Canvas & Upholstery USA!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Boat Covers & Bimini Tops

Given the variety of alternatives available, selecting the ideal boat cover or bimini top may be challenging. When making your decision, take into account the following important factors:

Boat Size and Type: The right cover or top size will depend on the size and type of your boat. To make sure it fits properly, measure your boat’s length, width, and height. When choosing a cover or top, take into account the style of the boat as well as any special features like towers or T-tops.

Material Quality: Look for high-quality materials that are resistant to UV rays, water, and other environmental variables when purchasing boat coverings and bimini tops. Materials with a reputation for being long-lasting and durable include polyester, canvas, and Sunbrella cloth.

Ease of Use: Think about how simple it is to put on, take off, and store the top or cover. For ease of use, some covers and toppers include zippered access points or quick-release buckles. In order to safeguard them while not in use, search for alternatives that include storage bags or cases.

Durability and Weather Resistance: Make sure the top or cover you choose is made to endure the particular weather patterns in your region. To guarantee long-lasting performance, look for features like UV protection, waterproof coatings, and reinforced seams.

Customization choices: Choose a service that provides customization choices if you have certain needs or preferences. This enables you to customize the top or cover to your precise specifications, guaranteeing a flawless fit and unique look.

You may choose a boat cover or bimini top that best suits your requirements and offers your vessel the most protection by taking these considerations into account.

Importance of Boat Covers & Bimini Tops

Protecting a boat from the weather is essential if you own one. Boat covers and bimini tops are essential for protecting your boat from the elements, including the sun, rain, dust, and other elements. These safeguarding add-ons guarantee that your boat remains in top shape while also extending its lifetime.

By acting as a barrier, a boat cover helps protect against damaging UV rays that might fade the paint and destroy the inside. Additionally, it prevents leaves, dirt, and precipitation from building up on the boat’s surface, which lessens the need for routine cleaning. A boat cover also shields your vessel from dust, bird droppings, and other contaminants that, over time, may harm it.

Comparably, a bimini top protects from the sun’s rays, giving shade and lowering the possibility of becoming sunburned or hot while boating. Additionally, it protects occupants from unexpected downpours, guaranteeing a pleasurable and comfortable boating experience. You can enjoy your time on the lake without worrying about possible damage from exposure to the weather if you have the proper boat cover and bimini top.

Keep your precious item protected from the weather. For the finest maintenance and appearance of your boat, rely on our Key Biscayne boat covers and bimini top service. For a consultation and to discuss your requirements, get in touch with Canvas & Upholstery USA right now.

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Different types of boat covers & bimini tops

Bimini tops and boat covers are available in a multitude of designs and materials to suit a range of requirements and tastes. Let’s examine the many varieties that are offered on the market:

Custom-Fit Boat Covers: Made especially for your boat, these covers guarantee a flawless fit. Because they are composed of premium materials like vinyl, canvas, or polyester, they provide superior defense against the sun, rain, and dust. There are center console boats, pontoon boats, ski boats, and more that may have custom-fit boat covers made for them.

Boat coverings that accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes are called universal boat covers. While they may not provide the same amount of protection and snugness as custom-fit covers, they are a more cost-effective alternative. Universal boat covers come in a variety of sizes to fit different boat lengths and are usually composed of sturdy fabrics like polyester or nylon.

Bimini Tops: These portable canopies provide shelter from the sun and shade. They are lightweight. Usually, polyester or Sunbrella fabric—materials renowned for their resilience to fading and UV damage—is used to make them. Bimini tops are available in several widths and are simple to install on a variety of boat types, such as cruisers, pontoons, and center console boats.

T-Top Covers: Made especially for boats with T-Tops, T-Top covers shield the boat’s exterior as well as the T-Top structure. Long-lasting performance is ensured by the sturdy materials used to make these covers, such as canvas or polyester. To suit different T-Top designs, T-Top covers are available in a variety of sizes and combinations.

It’s crucial to take into account aspects like the material’s longevity, resistance to UV rays, capacity to be waterproof, simplicity of installation, and general fit when selecting a boat cover or bimini top. You can make an educated choice and make sure your investment offers the appropriate amount of protection by being aware of your unique demands and the kind of boat you own.

Boat Cover & Bimini Top Maintenance Tips

To guarantee their durability and efficacy, your boat cover and bimini top must be properly maintained. Here are some pointers for maintenance to remember:

Frequent Cleaning: To get rid of dirt, grime, and salt residue, clean your boat’s cover and bimini top on a frequent basis. Scrub the surfaces lightly with a soft brush or sponge with a mild soap or specialist marine cleaner. Before storage, give them a thorough rinse in clean water and let them dry fully.

Steer clear of strong chemicals. Because they may harm the fabric or coating of your boat cover or bimini top, steer clear of strong chemicals and abrasive cleaners. Use gentle soaps or cleansers made especially for use on boats.

Examine for Damage: Continually check your bimini top and boat cover for any indications of deterioration. Look for damaged hardware, ripped clothing, and loose stitching. Deal with any problems as soon as possible to avoid further harm.

Appropriate Storage: Keep your bimini top and boat cover in a dry, well-ventilated place when not in use. They should not be folded or stored damp, as this may encourage the formation of mold or mildew. To shield them from dust and debris, place them in storage bags or containers.

Seasonal Maintenance: Make sure your boat cover and bimini top are totally dry and cleaned before storing them for a long time. To increase their resilience and UV protection, think about using a fabric conditioner or protective spray.

You can increase the longevity of your boat cover and bimini top and make sure they always provide the best possible protection for your boat by paying attention to these maintenance instructions.

Finding the Right Boat Cover & Bimini’s Top Service Provider in Key Biscayne

It’s critical to choose a trustworthy business when picking a boat cover and bimini top service provider in Key Biscayne. The following advice will help you choose the best service provider:

Research and Reviews: To evaluate the standing and caliber of various service providers, do extensive research and peruse client testimonials. Seek out businesses with a history of satisfied customers and great reviews.

Experience and Expertise: Take into account the service provider’s experience and qualifications. Seek out organizations with a staff of highly qualified individuals and a long history in the field.

Product Selection and Customization: Make sure the service provider has a large selection of boat coverings and bimini tops. Inquire about their modification choices as well to make sure your unique requirements may be satisfied.

Quality and Materials: Find out what kind of materials the service provider uses and how high-quality they are. Seek out businesses that use premium materials that are renowned for their sturdiness, water resistance, and UV resistance.

Customer Service and Support: Assess the company’s degree of customer service and support offered. Reliability is shown by prompt replies, transparent communication, and a readiness to resolve your issues.

Warranty and after-sales assistance: Find out whether the service provider offers a warranty and if they also provide maintenance or after-sales assistance. A reputable business is one that provides continuous assistance and stands behind its goods.

You may locate a boat cover and bimini top service provider in Key Biscayne that satisfies your needs and offers top-notch goods and services by taking these aspects into account.

Common Boat Cover & Bimini Top Problems and Solutions

Even though bimini tops and boat coverings are designed to be weatherproof and protective, they may eventually develop issues. The following are some typical problems you could run across and potential fixes for them:

Tears and Rips: Accidental damage or extended exposure to extreme weather may cause tears and rips. If the rip is minor, you may stitch a patch over the damaged area or use a repair kit to fix it. Replace the cover or top if there are bigger rips or significant damage.

Mold and Mildew: If the cover or top is not well dried before storage or is left in damp conditions for a long time, mold and mildew may grow on it. Use a solution of water and mildew cleanser, scrub the afflicted areas, and then give them a good rinse to get rid of mold and mildew. Before storage, make sure the top or cover is totally dry.

Fading and Discoloration: Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun may cause the fabric to fade and get discolored over time. Select tops and covers made of UV-resistant fabrics to avoid this, and use a fabric protectant spray on a regular basis.

Hardware problems: Over time, hardware elements like snaps, buckles, and zippers may corrode or wear out. To guarantee appropriate performance and a secure fit, replace any damaged or defective components.

Stitching Issues: Frayed or loose threads may jeopardize the top’s or CVER’s structural integrity. To fix any loose seams, use heavy-duty thread and seek assistance from a qualified service provider.

It is essential to speak with a qualified boat cover and bimini top service provider if you run into any of these issues and are unclear on how to handle them. To guarantee the efficacy and durability of your boat cover or bimini tops, they can evaluate the problem and provide suitable remedies.

Questions and Answers About Boat Covers & Bimini Tops in Key Biscayne

For boat owners in Key Biscayne, bimini tops and boat coverings are necessary extras. The boat is shielded from the wind, rain, and sun by these protective coverings, which help keep it tidy and debris-free. You could have some inquiries if you’re thinking about buying boat coverings and bimini tops in Key Biscayne. To assist you in making an educated choice, we will address a few frequently asked issues in this post and provide our responses.

What are boat covers and bimini tops?

When the boat is not in use, boat coverings serve as protective covers that fit over the whole vessel to shield it from the weather. In contrast, bimini tops are a kind of cover that is mounted on the boat to provide shade and sun protection.

Why do I need a boat cover?

When your boat is not in use, a boat cover is crucial for keeping dirt, dust, and debris off of it. It also aids in shielding the boat’s exterior and interior from wind, rain, and UV radiation. By shielding your boat from environmental deterioration, a boat cover may increase its lifespan.

What are the benefits of a bimini top? 

When you’re out on the water, a bimini top offers shade and sun protection. It may assist in avoiding sunburn and sweating, so you can comfortably enjoy boating. Additionally, adjustable bimini tops let you choose how much shade you desire.

Are there different types of boat covers available? 

Indeed, there are several boat cover options to meet various requirements. Certain coverings provide complete coverage for optimal protection and are made specifically for storage. Some are intended to be used while pulling the boat; they provide a tight fit that shields the vessel from wind damage.

How do I choose the right boat cover or bimini top for my boat? 

The size, form, and demands of your boat should all be taken into account when selecting a boat cover or bimini top. Take precise measurements of your boat and choose a cover or top that is made to match the size of your vessel. Take into account elements like installation convenience, durability, and material.

Where can I purchase boat covers and bimini tops in Key Biscayne? 

Boat covers and bimini tops are among the many trustworthy stores in Key Biscayne that specialize in boat accessories. Look around to locate a shop that sells premium goods at affordable prices. If you want more possibilities, you may also think about purchasing online.

In conclusion, boat coverings and bimini tops are crucial additions to your Key Biscayne boat protection arsenal. They prolong the life of your boat and provide protection from the weather. A cover or top should be chosen after taking durability, material, and size into account. You may enjoy your boating adventure in comfort and peace of mind if you have the appropriate cover or top.

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