Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach


Top-Rated Boat Canvas and Upholstery Services in Delray Beach

Are you looking for the best boat canvas and upholstery services in Delray Beach? You’ve come to the right place! Our company offers superior solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, we take pride in continuously going above and beyond for our customers.

Choosing us means choosing reliability and quality. Whether you need upholstery repair, a custom boat cover, or an interior makeover, our attention to detail ensures flawless results. We regard good materials and workmanship highly in order to ensure lifespan and satisfaction. Experience the difference with our first-rate boat canvas and upholstery services in Delray Beach. Give us the opportunity to enhance the look and functionality of your boat with our knowledge and dedication to excellence.

Our Services

Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

Windows & Enclosures

Adding an enclosure to your boat canvas can greatly extend your comfort and safety afloat. Every square inch onboard is very valuable, and our well-designed detailed enclosure will extend your living space, weather protection, and security at anchor or underway.

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

Canvas Tops

You need protection from the sun. That’s why we create custom canvas  tops and boat enclosures to offer you the UV protection you need. Keeping you cool, comfortable and on the water longer. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate. We are here to answer any questions.

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

Bimini Tops

We specialize in getting you the right boat bimini top for your needs. We do this by offering a wide variety of covers made from the most durable marine grade materials including Marinex and Sunbrella.  Need help selecting your bimini? Our experts are happy to help!

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Miami Beach


  • Bridge Decks
  • Windshields
  • Cockpits
  • Center Consoles
  • Instr/Equip
  • “U” Zips
  • “T” Top Enclosures
  • Bimini Enclosures
  • Interiors
  • Frowns
  • Full Hard Tops
Based on 18 reviews
Gonzalo Javier Paul
Gonzalo Javier Paul
Excellent job and service!!! Recommended
reuben E
reuben E
I’ve been using Rick for the last four years. He did two boats for me and friends also. I just had one canvas that I had a small rip. He came over and said I’ll fix it. He came back and made me a new one. After seven months, no charge. I highly recommend using him
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
I recently used Canvas and Upholstery for my Boat Cover. When searching for this Cover I spoke to many companies and none treated me like Rick did. I was looking for quality, within my budget and service. I called and Rick the owner answer and after several photos and telling him what I wanted he immediately gave an estimate. We set a date he came out measured the boat I gave him a deposit and he told me that the cover was going to take 15-20 days and it was done on time. I am truly happy and satisfied with the workmanship of the cover. I highly recommend Canvas and Upholstery for next Boat Upholstery project.
Kent Napp
Kent Napp
Highly Recommend! The best around! I had a custom cover made for my 30ft Center Console, it fits great and looks amazing, and the quality and craftsmanship is there! Really great to work with; fast, easy, and reliable! Thanks again!
Alfredo J. Rossano
Alfredo J. Rossano
Rick Matos is great to work with. Very detailed oriented. Highly recommended!
Krista Nugent
Krista Nugent
Rick did a great job on our canvas for our 32 ft Cruisers Yacht. We were pressed for time as our boat was being shipped up to Canada. He completed the job on time and on budget which was very important to us. When Rick completed our project he sent us lots of pictures so we could see it was done properly. We had a complete dodger with markolon windshield, camper enclosure with strataglass including all the stainless hoops made. It looks beautiful and I love the color. He then stowed everything safely inside the boat for transport. Rick was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. His pricing was fair as well. Thank you Rick for all your efforts. Krista
Orlando Rojas
Orlando Rojas
Rick does awesome work. I couldn’t be happier with this boat cover. My old cover was made by someone else and it was time to replace it due to its age. Rick was very responsive to my initial call and eagerly met with me to discuss what he could offer. His covers are made with durable materials and impeccable craftsmanship. My cover was Sunbrella. The bottom hem area for the attachment points are double reinforced and the loop straps are very well stitched with backing material. The area of the zipper is also double reinforced and he incorporates a Velcro flap that completely covers the zipper to further protect it from the sun. The Velcro flap also serves to take some of the pressure off of the zipper. Rick also attaches the cover high on the T-Top so water easily runs off and has no chance to pool. Lastly, the cover goes all the way down to the bottom of the hull sides so the entire sides of the boat are protected. These are all of Rick’s standard offerings. I did not make any special requests. Price is always on everyone’s mind and I can guarantee that no one will beat Rick’s prices - period. You will be amazed and the quality of the cover Rick will make you for the price. Rick, thank you for the amazing work! I will be coming to you for all of my canvas and upholstery work. If anyone wants to see your work, feel free to bring them by. I’m sure once they see the quality and craftsmanship, they’ll know they’re in good hands.
Elio Figueredo
Elio Figueredo
Guys this is the real deal great price excellent people and the material is super strong,looks awesome on the boat 100% recommended. 👍💪
Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin
I cannot recommend Canvas and Upholstery USA highly enough. Rick built me a full cover for my restored 20' SeaCraft. They cover is absolutely incredible and it was delivered on time for a great price. I look forward to working with Rick and his team again.

How Our Canvas and Upholstery Services Can Benefit You

Boat owners in Delray Beach may find considerable advantages in using our upholstery and canvas services. To begin with, we can make a significant improvement to the appearance of your boat. We may renew its exterior and interior and give it a whole new appearance by adding stylish new ideas. Our services breathe fresh air into your boat and make it stand out on the water, whether you’re looking for a modern makeover or personalized touches.

Furthermore, our goods enhance not only the appearance of your boat but also its comfort and usefulness. To enhance your sailing experience, we personalize our upholstery options, which range from ergonomic designs to well-manufactured seat cushions. Bid farewell to suffering and embrace a fresh phase of our existence.

Investing in high-quality upholstery and canvas will make a big difference in your boat’s resale value. Potential buyers are always drawn to well-maintained boats with attractive exteriors and interiors. By using our services, you enhance both your personal sailing experience and your boat’s inherent value and market appeal. Your boat will become a valuable asset for many years to come as a result of this prudent investment, which will ensure long-term profitability in addition to improving your pleasure today.

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Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach
Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach
Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach
Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach
Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach
Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

Talk to a Canvas & Upholstery Specialist Now! 954.404.4388

Boat Canvas & Upholstery in Delray Beach

Client Testimonials

Rick literally transformed our yacht from a drab and tired look to a vibrant, classy and beautiful oasis on the water.  He has an incredible eye and really listens to his client’s needs and desires and delivers on them – above and beyond. Everyone who comes aboard our yacht asks us where we went for our interior work and we enthusiastically tell them about Canvas & Upholstery USA!

What Canvas and Upholstery Services Do We Provide in Delray Beach?

We demonstrate our dedication to quality and accuracy by providing a wide selection of upholstery and canvas services in Delray Beach that are customized to meet the demands of our customers. Our specialty is making bespoke awnings, enclosures, and canvas coverings that are perfectly tailored to suit your boat. Whether it’s wind, rain, or sun protection, our custom solutions guarantee maximum coverage and longevity. We focus on knowing your specific needs in order to work closely with you to create outcomes that go above and beyond.

Our superior quality and meticulous attention to detail make our upholstery replacement and repair services exceptional. From little repairs to full overhauls, our knowledgeable professionals have the equipment and know-how to bring back the original beauty of the upholstery on your boat. By using high-quality materials and rigorous methods, we guarantee a perfect finish that amplifies comfort and visual attractiveness.

Furthermore, we provide expert boat cover installation services, which are vital for safeguarding your investment. Our experienced crew carefully measures your boat to provide optimal protection while not in use and a precise fit. We provide a wide range of materials and styles, so you can rely on us to provide solutions that suit your tastes. For all of your upholstery and canvas requirements in Delray Beach, our commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction guarantees results that are unmatched, whether the work is a little patch or a full interior makeover.

What You Need to Know About Boat Canvas and Upholstery in Delray Beach

For boat owners in Delray Beach, boat upholstery and canvas are crucial factors to take into account. These components act as vital barriers, keeping the weather out of your boat and guaranteeing your comfort while sailing. To maintain the integrity and worth of your boat in an area where boating is a highly valued leisure activity, you must invest in high-quality materials and expert workmanship.

Our company is prepared to help you with your requirements for upholstery and canvas, with unmatched experience and a commitment to quality. Whether your objective is to maintain the value of your boat as a significant asset, improve its look, or make it more comfortable, our staff is dedicated to helping you at every step.

Together, from the first consultation to the final installation, we collaborate to bring your idea to life. Our experienced professionals provide tailored advice on the finest materials and design elements to meet your particular requirements. In addition, our meticulous attention to detail ensures flawless performance that meets or even exceeds your expectations in terms of outcomes.

Why We Are The Best Boat Canvas & Upholstery Company in Delray Beach

Our Delray Beach boat upholstery and canvas company is immensely proud of its industry-leading position, which is a result of its unwavering commitment to excellence. Because we stand out from the competition with our exceptional reputation for high workmanship, rigorous attention to detail, and devotion to customer satisfaction, a select group of boat owners choose us.

When you pick us for your canvas and upholstery requirements, you can be sure that you’re getting the finest in the company. We prioritize quality, reliability, and professionalism above all else in every aspect of our company to ensure that each and every client receives nothing less than exceptional support and results. From the first consultation to the final installation, we strive for excellence in every interaction and project we undertake.

Experience the unparalleled distinction of working with Delray Beach’s top boat upholstery and canvas company. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your boat’s appearance and functionality to better suit your needs and personal preferences. Whether you want custom canvas coverings, upholstery repair, or a complete interior makeover, we have the skills and resources to go above and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Canvas and Upholstery in Delray Beach

What are the advantages of spending money on custom upholstery and canvas for boats?

Custom boat upholstery and canvas provide a number of benefits, including enhanced appearance, increased comfort, and extended durability. Customized solutions are designed specifically for your boat, providing the finest weather protection and highlighting its unique style.

How can I tell when the canvas and upholstery on my boat need to be replaced?

If your boat’s canvas and upholstery show any indications of obvious rips, fading, the development of mold or mildew, or a loss of structural integrity, it’s time to replace them. Regular inspections and maintenance may help identify these issues early, allowing replacements to be scheduled on time.

Can you fix small dents in the upholstery and canvas of my boat?

Yes, we provide fading, dents, and minor rip repair services. Our skilled technicians can assess the extent of the damage and provide appropriate repair alternatives to restore your boat canvas and upholstery to their former condition.

What aspects should I take into account while selecting materials for the upholstery and canvas of my boat?

For the upholstery and canvas of your boat, choose materials that are UV-resistant, long-lasting, water-repellent, and simple to maintain. Marine-grade materials like Sunbrella® cloth and marine vinyl are popular choices due to their robustness and efficacy in maritime environments.

Do you have choices for bespoke designs on boat upholstery and canvas?

Naturally, of course! Making customized designs that satisfy each client’s unique requirements and preferences is our area of expertise. Regardless of your selected color, pattern, or style, our skilled craftsmen can accurately and painstakingly implement your vision.

How long do boat upholstery and canvas typically last?

The lifetime of boat canvas and upholstery varies depending on factors including use, maintenance, and material quality. With proper maintenance, high-quality boat upholstery and canvas may last 10 years or more.

How should my boat’s upholstery and canvas be maintained?

For boat upholstery and canvas to remain beautiful and long-lasting, frequent cleaning and upkeep are required. As directed by the manufacturer, use gentle brushes and light cleaning solutions to remove dirt, debris, and stains. Additionally, use protective treatments to enhance water repellency and UV protection.

Could you put new upholstery and canvas on my boat?

Yes, we provide professional boat upholstery and canvas installation services. Our knowledgeable staff will install and fit your new canvas coverings, enclosures, upholstery, or other special solutions to enhance your boating experience.

What are the advantages of equipping my boat with a personalized boat cover?

With a custom boat cover, your vessel is crucially shielded from UV radiation, rain, wind, and debris. By helping to prevent early wear and fading of the upholstery, it prolongs the life of your boat and maintains its market value.

What is the best way for me to begin my boat upholstery and canvas project?

It is really easy to begin! Simply contact us to schedule a meeting with one of our employees. We will discuss your preferences, requirements, and budget before providing you with specialized guidance and solutions that effectively meet your demands.

Benefits of Choosing Us for Your Canvas and Upholstery Needs in Delray Beach

It might be tempting to undertake a do-it-yourself project or employ a less-experienced service provider to save money on canvas and upholstery work. But there are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional canvas and upholstery service that exceed any possible cost savings.

Working with experts has many benefits, chief among which is their industry knowledge and experience. Our staff is well-versed in the various materials, methods, and developments in the upholstery and canvas sectors. This enables us to provide insightful counsel and direction, guaranteeing that you make well-informed choices about your project.

Moreover, superior materials that are not easily accessible to the general population are available to professional canvas and upholstery providers. We can ensure the lifespan and durability of our work by employing premium materials. We exclusively select materials that are meant to endure, whether it’s quality upholstery fabric or marine-grade canvas.

The ease that comes with using a professional service is another advantage. We relieve you of the strain by managing every part of the project, from the first consultation to the last installation. With the latest equipment and technology at our disposal, our team can finish projects quickly without sacrificing quality.

Customization Options for Canvas and Upholstery

Being able to personalize every element of the project is a major benefit of selecting us for your canvas and upholstery requirements. Since every room is different, we think that your upholstery and canvas should represent your own tastes and style.

We provide an extensive array of customization choices for our canvas goods. Whether you want cushions for outdoor furniture, an awning, or a bespoke boat cover, our staff can design solutions that precisely meet your needs. We collaborate closely with you to realize your idea, helping you with everything from fabric selection to color and design decisions.

In the same vein, we provide an extensive assortment of fabrics, patterns, and colors for upholstery. We provide alternatives to fit any taste, whether you’re going for a strong and modern vibe or a traditional and refined appearance. Your furniture will be transformed into gorgeous items that enhance your environment by our talented upholsterers.

Durability and Longevity of Canvas and Upholstery Work

The lifespan and durability of upholstery and canvas work are important considerations when making an investment. Our dedication to utilizing only the best supplies and hiring knowledgeable staff members guarantees that our work will last. Products made of canvas, including boat covers and awnings, must be made of materials that can resist the elements since they are exposed to bad weather. 

We utilize marine-grade canvas since it is made especially to be sturdy, water-resistant, and UV-resistant. You can be sure that your investment will be safeguarded and will continue to look good for many years to come with our canvas goods. In the same vein, we recognize the significance of using premium materials for upholstery that are resilient to normal wear and tear. 

We provide a large selection of upholstery fabrics that are not only visually beautiful but also long-lasting and simple to care for. Our knowledgeable upholsterers make sure that each item is painstakingly made to resist the rigors of regular usage. Long-term cost savings and peace of mind are two benefits of investing in sturdy canvas and upholstery work. You can be certain that your upholstery and canvas items will continue to look good even after years of usage because of our experience.

Enhancing the Aesthetics of Your Space with Canvas and Upholstery

Your space’s overall look may be greatly impacted by upholstery and canvas work. A plain area may be made visually appealing with the correct upholstery and canvas goods, whether the setting is home or commercial. Awnings, canopies, and cushions for outdoor furniture are examples of canvas goods that give any outdoor space a touch of style and utility. They provide shade, shield your furnishings from the weather, and make your space seem warm and welcoming. 

With our goods manufactured to order from canvas, you can maximize the usefulness of your outdoor area while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Similar to this, upholstery is important for a space’s interior design. Not only can well-made upholstery increase comfort, but it also gives your furniture personality and flair. Whether you own an opulent couch, a chic armchair, or exquisite dining chairs, our upholstery services may revitalize your furniture and improve the atmosphere of your room as a whole.

You can be sure that every element will be carefully examined to create a coherent and aesthetically pleasing setting when you choose us for your canvas and upholstery requirements. In close collaboration with you, our team of experts will ascertain your own style preferences and design a place that perfectly captures your individuality.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Canvas and Upholstery Needs

Selecting the appropriate materials for canvas and upholstery work is essential to getting the desired outcomes. We only use the best materials available, making sure they are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

We provide a large selection of materials for canvas goods to meet various demands. As previously indicated, because of its exceptional durability and resistance to water and UV radiation, marine-grade canvas is perfect for boat coverings and outdoor applications. We also provide acrylic canvas, which is well-known for its brilliant hues and superior fade resistance. We offer the ideal material to suit your needs, whether you need canvas for your boat, patio, or business area.

We are aware that every area is distinctive when it comes to upholstery demands. For this reason, we provide a range of upholstery materials, such as vinyl, leather, and other synthetic mixes. Our staff will assist you in selecting the ideal fabric by taking into account aspects like comfort, durability, and visual appeal. We have a wide selection of materials, so you can be sure to discover the ideal upholstery fabric for your project.

Why Picking Us in Delray Beach for Your Canvas and Upholstery Needs is the Best Choice

Selecting us is the finest choice you can make if you’re looking for the top upholstery and canvas services in Delray Beach. We promise to provide excellent outcomes that will go beyond your expectations because of our wealth of knowledge, superb workmanship, and commitment to client happiness.

You gain from our experience, easy access to premium resources, customizable choices, and ease when you work with us. Our team of talented experts will collaborate closely with you to realize your idea, whether it is making personalized canvas goods or expertly reupholstering your furniture.

Become one of our many happy clients and discover why picking us is the right choice for all of your Delray Beach upholstery and canvas requirements. Make an appointment with us right now to discuss how we can turn your area into a piece of beauty.

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